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There are a few who remember. . .
And many more who are discovering, for the first time, the vintage best of the breed.
Breeding "old-line" Appaloosa horses, without the Quarter Horse.

Our breeding program is based upon two equally important goals. First, we selectively breed to preserve the "old-line" Appaloosas. We consider ourselves breeders of "foundation" Appaloosas, but use the term "old-line" rather than "foundation" for our horses because many of the early horses registered as "foundation "stock through the Appaloosa Horse Club were crossbreds. Thus, to us the term "old-line" is more exclusive, and better reflects the purebred bloodstock we have attempted to pull into our breeding program. 

Second, we produce elegant Appaloosa athletes with soundness, color, movement, and sanity, capable of competing in rigorous athletic events. We are aware that the type of conformation consistently associated with the "old-line" horses , discussed below, makes them naturally suited for the Sporthorse disciplines of the Olympics - Dressage, Jumping and Three-day Eventing. Through our program we have focused on breeding these traits true, rather than attempting to breed horses for Western or stock events. 


Silvermoon Appaloosas
Gala Argent & Bob Schuster
P.O. Box 1425
Foresthill, CA 95631

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